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The program is particularly suitable for providers who have their own production of articles or services.
If the cells want to emphasize in what they are better than the competitors, they have to describe this, unfortunately, potential buyers are not patient readers.
But it would surely become if we had the opportunity to quickly find the information they are interested in.
Indexed catalogs enable them to do so in a very effective way, as they access the index of all words by double-clicking on any words as they are read.
Indexed catalogs allow potential buyers to quickly and efficiently convince themselves that the purchase is worthwhile.

The catalog is created in *.HTML format and indexed by each word.
The input files (*.HTML) must be relatively simple without javascript statements and the links must be given in absolute form.
During indexing, the program creates files in HTML format and an index of all words that can be accessed by double clicking on any word in any file.
These linked and indexed files represent a document base.
The index of all words has links to all the places in the files (microlocation) where the search word appears.
The program does not connect to the web, it does not run the ads, or does nothing, which could jeopardize the privacy and security of user data.

Demo: Our Offer
Download freeware program

The program is available in two versions:
- freeware;
- commercial.
The Freeware version has the same functionality as the commercial, only the number of input files is limited to 100.
The commercial version of the program does not have this limit, and the maximum number of input files depends on the capacity of the computer.

Upon payment, the subscriber receives a USB stick with the program and additional instructions by post.
The USB stick is intended only to check the regularity of the program, so it should not be written or deleted.
Any changes to the USB stick may cause the program to fail.

The price of the commercial version is $ 49.
Payments are made with PayPal.

When using our program, we want you a lot of success and fun!